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Kolkata Tattoo Studio is a licenced tattoo training center in Kolkata where students can learn how to make permanent tattoos through our tattoo training courses. We offer basic to advanced tattoo training in Kolkata and strive to keep our teaching standards high by using the most up-to-date tattoo making techniques.

We offer tattoo course in Kolkata ranging from beginner to advanced. Our approach to tattoo training in Kolkata is more realistic, with students the complete intricacies involved in the trade.

Our tattoo institute in Kolkata will get you prepared for the industry standards and world of tattoos. It is very easy and convenient to apply for tattoo training in Kolkata and obtain tattoo class in Kolkata. Contact our representatives to reach out to our tattoo institute in Kolkata and enroll for our tattoo class in Kolkata.

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Tattoo Course Details:-

  • Course Period - 2 Months
  • Class time - (11 AM to 7 PM)
  • In 1 batch only 2 students are allowed
  • Weekly 2 days class
  • Certificate will be issued after the successfully completion of the course.

Tattoo Training Syllabus:-

  • Drawing
  • Understanding Machines
  • Practice on Artificial Skin
  • Tattoo Stencil Making
  • Types on Needles and uses
  • Freehand design customization

Working on real skin:-

Types of skin-

  • Fine tuning tattoo machine
  • Safety and sterilization
  • Customer dealing
  • Setting up your tattoo shop

Tattoo Training Syllabus is designed after years experience of our artists in tattoo training. Step by step guidance and a practical approach to tattoo learning help our students learn the fine details of the art. We keep on updating tattoo course syllabus with new tattoo making techniques. This page can help you with basic guidelines how course is planned.

We recommend students to visit our tattoo training center to see the facilities available and to discuss the latest syllabus.

First Week:

Initial tattoo training classes are mainly on basic details:-

  • Drawings hand-on
  • Learning types of tattoo machines and their parts.
  • Different types of tattoo needles and their uses.
  • Sketching of Machine parts and tattoo needles.
  • One class for knowledge about different types of tattoo inks, tattoo power supplies, clip cords, foot pedal and their sketching.

Second Week:

First class will give training of making Tattoo stencil and various methods of making stencil:-

  • Drawings hand-on
  • Practice to transfer tattoo stencil to skin.
  • One class on tattoo machine assembling for lining.
  • Practice on artificial skin for lining.

Third Week:

Main focus of tattoo classes in this week will be practice of learning how to draw sharp and good quality lines on artificial skin:-

  • Tattoo stencil making practice will also continue in this week.

Fourth Week:

  • One class to learn how to assemble tattoo machine for color filling.
  • This week’s main focus of tattoo making class will be practice of color filling on artificial skin.
  • Practice of learning good quality tattoo line making on artificial skin will continue.

Fifth Week:

  • One class to learn how to assemble/ fine tune tattoo machine for shading.
  • This week’s main focus of tattoo course will be on how to shading and practice of shading on artificial skin.

Sixth Week:

  • One class to test quality/neatness in making tattoo lines and filling color on artificial skin.
  • Subject to results on artificial skin, student will be guided to make small size basic black tattoo on real skin.

Seventh Week:

One class on topic of tattoo healing. This will include knowledge about tattoo scabbing, tattoo aftercare products, post tattoo precautions, information on kind of possible infections during tattoo healing and how to help healing tattoo safely.

This week’s tattoo course also include :

  1. One small size tattoo in shading.
  2. One small size tattoo in coloring.

Eight Week:

Focus of tattoo training in this week will be other important topics :

One class on topic of tattoo healing. This will include knowledge about tattoo scabbing, tattoo aftercare products, post tattoo precautions, information on kind of possible infections during tattoo healing and how to help healing tattoo safely.

  • Legal matters involved in tattoo making or operating tattoo shop in India.
  • One class on customer dealing, knowledge about tattoo design customization, freehand sketching.
  • Topic how to setup your own tattoo shop or how to start carrier in tattoo making.
  • Basic Tattoo Course - Price: 20,000/-*
  • Advance Tattoo Course - Price: 52,000/-*
  • *Only For Course And Excluding All Materials.

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Why choose Tattooing as a career?

Want a job that doesn't need you to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day? Do you have the strength to stand out from the "usual" crowd? Would you like to take your creativity to the next level? If so, a career as a tattoo artist may be right for you!

Tattooing is among the oldest ways of artistic expression. It entails writing or drawing words, symbols, or pictures on the skin, either permanently or temporarily. The technique involves scratching the skin with a small needle and injecting ink into the skin.

Why Should You Choose Our Best Tattoo Artist In Kolkata ?

Since ancient times, tattoos have played an important role in rituals and customs. Women from some ancient Asian islands used to have their special talent tattooed on their forearms. If she had a mark on her forearm that indicated she was a professional weaver, for example, her status as prime marriageable material was elevated.

However, attitudes toward tattoos and getting inked have shifted dramatically over time. Tattooing was used by the Greeks to communicate among spies because the markings revealed the spies' rank and allowed them to be identified.

Since tattoos have such a major effect on the lives of those who get them, it is the tattoo artist's obligation to ensure that he or she is capable of fulfilling their client's standards. Being a tattoo artist is one of those professions where you have complete control over your future and success rate. Tattoo training in Kolkata will get you ready for this industry.

Tattoo Training Course Center in Kolkata

Tattooing is a rising industry that provides opportunities for young people who want to pursue art as a career rather than conventional occupations. Learning tattoos with the intention of starting a small business is a smart idea, but tattooing can also be learned as a hobby. In any case, studying this one-of-a-kind art would undoubtedly enhance your personality.

Permanent tattooing is no different than minor surgery, which is why it is important to take a proper tattoo course in Kolkata before trying to create a permanent tattoo on real skin. The tattoo training syllabus contains subjects such as sterilisation, safety practices, recognising and maintaining tools, skin types, communicable diseases, and prevention.

In our tattoo training center in Kolkata, we have a separate space that we use as a tattoo training classroom. For students to practise tattooing, the tattoo classroom is fitted with the most up-to-date tattooing facilities, artificial skins, and convenient seating arrangements. Our tattoo training curriculum is based on our artists' years of practise.